Corrugated Industry

Packaging is a vital link in the production chain. Strap and Wrap IPS, understands the requirements of the corrugated board industry applications from palletising corrugated cartons with high compression to squaring and bundling to high speed stretch packaging using low gauge film. Our service system includes:

Pre-draped strapping technology

  • Orgapack palletising strapping machines with compression capability
  • Tycoon Speed PET strap developed for high speed wide arch strapping systems
  • Phoenix automatic stretch wrappers
  • High end stretch film for high speed applications
  • A large holding of spare parts;
  • Specialist technicians in stocked vans and;
  • Planned, preventative maintenance programs

Typical Equipment

corrugated_1In-line squaring and bundling with pre-draped strapping technology for bundling cartons
corrugated_2Vertical strapping station with top seal head and compression unit for palletising corrugated board
corrugated_3Rotary ring automatic stretch wrapper for high speed production lines