Timber Industry

Packaging is a vital link in the production chain. Strap and Wrap IPS has supplied strapping equipment, strapping and back up service to the timber industry since our beginning in 1996. We carry a full range of strapping equipment for all timber applications including unitising hardwood flooring, dressed pine, framing and trusses and challenging packs like round logs. Our service system includes:

  • Orgapack PET strapping machines with compression capability
  • Orgapack battery and pneumatic hand tools for both steel and PET strap
  • HEAT TREATED high tensile steel strapping for high tension applications
  • Tycoon high strength PET strap developed for high applied and retained tension
  • A large holding of spare parts;
  • Specialist technicians in stocked vans and;
  • Planned, preventative maintenance programs.

Typical Equipement

metal_1Steel strapping systems for high tension applications
timber_2Hand tools for round and square applications using both steel and PET strap