Learning Centre – Strapping


From marketing strategies and cost saving solutions to ease of handling the reasons for applying tensional strapping are many and varied, however, none are more important than load safety. Bias must not held toward one packaging method over another as each application must be considered on its individual merits.

Whether it is steel or plastic strapping or a combination of both, load integrity and safety are at the forefront when deciding which method of strapping is used. Without due consideration given to factors such as load characteristics, type of load and reasons for applying strap, loads can become extremely dangerous during handling and transportation.

Strap and Wraps’ goal is to provide a safe, high performance, cost effective solution for your specific packaging requirements. Part of this goal is to help our customers understand the importance of getting the RIGHT SYSTEM for each application.

Please review the following topics below to assist your decision making process. Should you require further information, please contact Strap and Wrap to organize an on site evaluation of your specific strapping requirements and provide a cost effective safe solution.