Plastic Strapping Range


Plastic Strapping

Wherever highest standards are called for, customers throughout Australia rely on Strap and Wrap plastic strapping systems. Storage and transport impact your goods in various ways. Influences such as Shock during transport, temperature differences, and exposure to sunlight may adversely affect the integrity of your package.


Strap and Wrap IPS has more than 100 years of combined experience supplying plastic strapping systems to the Australian market. There are two categories that form our plastic strapping range, Polyester (PET) strapping and Polypropylene (PP) strapping.

Strap and Wrap PET Strapping Consumables

  • For heavy loads which require the highest tension
    e.g. timber, timber products
  • For highly compressed loads e.g. palletized corrugated boxes
  • For palletized empty cans, bottles, etc
  • For bricks and concrete blocks


Impact resistance: The ability to absorb shock loads, and recover. This is often a cause for steel strap breaking.
High retained tension: Retains tension around rigid loads. PET does not stretch, relax, or elongate like polypropylene.
Safety and disposal: No sharp edges, does not cut hands, and does not spring back as violently as steel when a tensioned strap is cut.
UV resistance: Resistant to ultraviolet rays, and does not rust.
Temperature sensitivity: Holds tension in extremes of temperature, ranging from –15oC to 70oC.
Handling and freight: PET coils are 23kg, and can be handled by one person, compared to steel weighing 45kg and requiring two people. Lighter weight reduces freight costs.


Strap and Wrap Polypro Strapping Consumables

Polypro strapping is designed to perform in hot-knife sealing machines that require embossed strapping. It is a good choice for many light and medium-duty applications. A variety of coil sizes are available for use in many power strapping machines. Polypro has “elastic memory” to keep straps tight, and features consistent width and gauge control to run smoothly in your strapping machine. It is an economical choice for many applications e.g. for meat cartons, logistics, furniture, newspapers, cartons, roof tiles, etc.


  • Tightest tolerances & consistently high quality
  • For optimal running characteristics
  • High stiffness for excellent feeding properties
  • Virtually dust-free for high-speed strapping applications
  • Custom-tailored for your application