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Packaging is a vital link in the production chain.  At Strap and Wrap, we understand our clients’ needs; so we back our products with a total commitment to service.  Our service system includes:

  • A large holding of spare parts;
  • Specialist technicians in stocked vans and;
  • Planned, preventative maintenance programs.

It is a fact that poorly maintained strapping equipment poses a great risk to Workplace Health and Safety (WH&S).  Through our service system, Strap and Wrap ensures that our clients use properly serviced tools and equipment in a safe workplace.

Engineering Support

Our alliance partnership with Signode strapping systems gives us access to, and support from, the world leader in strapping technology.  We offer custom designed systems wherever needed.  We can call at your site, review current practices, advise on WH&S and offer new ways to unitise and transport goods safely and with maximum cost effectiveness.

Workplace Health and Safety

With WH&S being so important to both employers and employees, we offer a full audit of current practices at no cost to our clients.  We offer to work with in-house WH&S staff to ensure maximum adherence to employers’ responsibilities.  We work with our clients’ employees to ensure that they are properly trained in the use of tools and consumables and educated as to what constitutes decay in tool and consumable performance.  All tools and machinery must be kept in proper working condition – and we promise to do that with proper client consultation.

Quality Control

We only distribute goods produced under strict quality control.  Quality is the key to long and effective performance.  All of our major suppliers manufacture to international standards.  Through our commitment to quality we aim to enhance our current reputation and provide you with the best system for your application.


Strap and Wrap Packaging Systems can provide your company with a retro fit solution for both strapping and wrapping equipment.  Retro fit options are a cost effective way to improve your end of line productivity and to upgrade obsolete machinery.

Strap and Wrap will carry out an analysis of your current strapping and wrapping equipments’ performance and provide a detailed report and proposal for the retro fit option that meet your specific requirements. Retro fit options include, Orgapack and Signode Strapping heads, Phoenix “EASY THREAD” stretch film carriages, Top sheet applicators, Heat seal units, and many more.

Please contact Strap and Wrap to arrange an on site appraisal of your strapping and or wrapping equipment by one of our highly trained service technicians.






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