Brick & Block Industry

Packaging is a vital link in the production chain. Strap and Wrap IPS, understands the requirements of the brick & block industry applications from strapping pallet-less brick packs, stretch wrap and strap brick packs for export, strapping roof tiles and providing stretch film with a UV inhibitor guaranteed to last 12 months. Our service system includes:

  • Endra pre-draped strapping technology
  • Orgapack palletising strapping machines with compression capability
  • Tycoon Speed PET strap developed for high speed wide arch strapping systems
  • Phoenix automatic stretch wrappers
  • High end stretch film for high speed applications
  • A large holding of spare parts;
  • Specialist technicians in stocked vans and;
  • Planned, preventative maintenance programs

Typical Equipment

brick_1Vertical strapping station with top seal head for pallet-less brick packs
brick_2Heavy duty battery strapping tool for offline strapping of bricks and masonry blocks
brick_3Heavy duty stretch wrapper for offline wrapping of bricks and masonry blocks
brick_4Rotary arm automatic stretch wrapper for heavy duty dusty environments