Meat Industry

Strap and Wrap IPS is the largest supplier of strapping and pallet wrapping systems to the Australian meat industry. Strap and Wrap IPS carry a full range of strapping and stretch packing equipment for all meat industry applications including; High speed strapping systems, stainless steel equipment with IP 56 protection for wash down areas or acidic environments, strapping machines with compression for frozen cartons, semi automatic strapping machines for small boning rooms and semi automatic and automatic pallet wrapping equipment for palletising meat cartons for transport and stics, semi automatic pallet wrappers that can be relocated easily in a warehouse and semi automatic and fully automatic strapping systems for palletising flat pack products. Our service system includes:

  • Orgapack PET strapping machines with compression capability
  • Orgapack battery and pneumatic hand tools for both steel and PET strap
  • Phoenix semi automatic and automatic pallet wrapping machines
  • Tycoon PET strap
  • A large holding of spare parts;
  • Specialist technicians in stocked vans and;
  • Planned, preventative maintenance programs.

Typical Equipment

meat_1Stainless steel strapping machines applying 70 straps per minute
meat_2Fully automatic strapping machines with compression units for high speed processing lines
brick_3Heavy duty stretch wrapper for pallet wrapping
meat_4Rotary arm semi automatic stretch wrapper to wrap unstable pallets that cannot be turned on conventional turntable machine